The Old Orchard

Finance Director, Alastair Johnson, is in trouble. He needs a lot of money, and he needs it soon.

His solution is not only unorthodox, but completely out of character, and leaves his family torn in two.

But everything is not what it seems ...

"The Old Orchard is a pacy, domestic literary thriller which builds an original and satisfying plot around characters we can invest in.

The prose is light and evocative with vivid descriptions and many moments of real insight and human wisdom."

My new novel, The Old Orchard, is available in paperback or eBook formats from Amazon or from most bookshops.

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Best Eaten Cold

Imagine someone wants to hurt you.

Someone you once knew, but have almost forgotten.

Now imagine they are clever, patient and won't stop ...

Fabiola thinks she’s left her past behind her. But in a world of smartphones and social media, it’s not so easy to wipe the slate clean.

Best Eaten Cold is a chilling reminder of how quickly – and how blindly – we have learnt to trust in the online world, although we don't really understand it at all.

Best Eaten Cold continues to attract five-star reviews and is available in paperback or eBook format from Amazon or from most bookshops.

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Website - Short Stories

Blending fine food and wine, history and tradition, together with a sprinkling of love and obsession, this taster will hopefully whet your appetite for more.

Take a sip, have a bite, and let me know what you think.

These two stories are designed as an introduction to my writing and can be downloaded for free.

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