About me

I write pacy contemporary thrillers. Exploring different themes, but all sharing thought-provoking plots and richly-painted characters.

My second novel, The Old Orchard – a gripping family thriller – was published on the 7th of November 2017 to widespread acclaim, while my bestselling debut novel, Best Eaten Cold – a dark, psychological thriller – continues to attract loyal readers and stunning reviews.

I am currently working on a third, Sixty Minutes, as well as the sequel to Best Eaten Cold, both to be published in 2018.

I have worked in business for most of my life, but decided in early 2015 that writing fiction would be the main focus of my life going forwards.

Highlights of my former career include (in no particular order) three years as an oilfield engineer in the Egyptian desert, twelve years managing record companies for EMI Music in Greece, India and across Eastern Europe, running a caravan site in the South of France and being chauffeur to the French Consul in Sydney.

I survived the Dotcom boom with my fair share of bruises and went on to be a founder of the world’s largest website for expatriates, a major music publisher and a successful hotel technology business.

In amongst this I have found the time to backpack around the world twice (once in my twenties and once in my fifties), learn six languages (including Norwegian and Greek) and to find a beautiful Norwegian wife while studying for an MBA in Fontainebleau, France.

I now live in Oxfordshire and write full-time. I am fifty-eight and married with three children and four grandchildren.